Testifying to the PCEA: Voting anywhere, any time, on any device

Our super-friend, Drew Davies of Oxide Design Co., co-president of AIGA and head of the Design for Democracy project testified to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration on September 20, 2013. He was there to talk about some work that he, Kathryn Summers, and I have done to develop the Anywhere Ballot.

The Anywhere Ballot is an accessible, responsive, standards-compliant digital ballot front end. What that means technologically is that it’s a digital template built in HTML5 and CSS3. Election administrators should be able to implement this ballot using candidate filing data from their election management systems to present to voters on any device that uses a standards-compliant browser. Drew and his team at Oxide developed the excellent visual and interaction design. This ballot template builds on existing research and rapid iterative design to come as close as possible to making voting accessible to all voters. 

You will definitely want to read his testimony. It answers the question, What if anyone could vote on any device, anywhere, any time?

Or you can watch him give the testimony on the archived video. (Drew starts about 1:37 into the video.)

Drew has also blogged about his experience.