Civic design research library

Research useful for civic and elections design is scattered into many different disciplines, from political science to computer science to work on design, reading, and accessibility.

The materials in the civic research library brings this work together in collection of materials, literature reviews, and bibliographies.

Literature reviews

The Civic Design Bibliography – An  annotated bibliography of resources from peer-reviewed articles to white papers relevant to civic design. Hosted at Usability in Civic Life.

Literature reviews for election design topics
Annotated reviews of research, best practices and recommendations, created as input to civic design projects

Election materials collections

Ballots – A collection of ballots and sample ballots from around the county over several years

California voter guides – As part of our work on designing voter guides in California, we have collected the official voter information pamphlets and sample ballots from all 58 counties in several elections in the 2016 Primary and General Elections, the 2014 Primary election and a sampling of guides from 2010-201

Other reports

Center for Civic Design reports and publications

NIST Accessible Voting Technology Initiative