Civic design research library

Research useful for civic and elections design is scattered into many different disciplines, from political science to computer science to work on design, reading, and accessibility.

The materials in the civic research library brings this work together in collection of materials, literature reviews, and bibliographies.

The Civic Design Bibliography

An  annotated review of resources from peer-reviewed articles to white papers relevant to civic design. Each entry in the searchable bibliography includes:

  • A list of the key points that make the article useful for civic design.
  • A summary of the main points in the paper
  • Any useful details, such as a list of guidelines or concepts
  • Tags to identify the date, type of publication and research
  • Searchable keywords for topics and concepts


California 2014 Primary voter information pamphlets

The 2014 primary collection of voter information pamphlets and sample ballots from all 58 counties was created as part of the project on how voters get information that created a manual of best practices for California voter guides. Additional materials collected for this project.